Arab Medical Equipment Company (AMECO) was established in 1984 in 10th of Ramadan City as a family-run business. The factory was erected at an area of 30 thousand square meters in accordance with European standards in design, manufacturing and preparation. AMECO is the first and largest single-use syringe manufacturer in the Middle East. In addition to disposable syringes, AMECO produces hypodermic needles and IV and transfusion sets.

Pioneers in our nature, AMECO is Egypt's first medical company to produce hypodermic needles.  

Features and Benefits

Double silicon coated
Extra Sharp Japanese Stainless Steel
Extra Sharpness Treatment
Allow better liquid flow with less effort and facilitate the injection of high viscosity fluids.

We sell the needles packaged or in bulk, if custom sizes are necessary please contact us

Ordering Information

Ref. Code    Product Name

H001         G18 x 1 ½”

H002         G19 x 1 ½”

H003       G21 x 1 ½”

H004      G22 x 1 ¼”

H005      G23 x 1 ¼”

H006      G24 x 1 ¼”

H007        G25 x 1”      

H008      G26 x 5/8”

H009      G28 x ½”